Priyanka Turns Super Hero

Boom Crash Bang! Make way people….for here comes the superhero! For a change, this time, it’s not a he, it’s a she! The world knows her as Priyanka Chopra; the girl who has attempted almost everything that others can only dream of: Miss World, model, and now a movie star, without ever compromising on her Numero Uno position.

When others were running around the bushes romancing their ‘normal’ heroes, Priyanka went a step further to romance a superhero in Krrish, which was India’s answer to the likes of Superman and Batman.

And now, life has come a full circle for her, as ‘Virgin Comics’ has created a new superhero character after Priyanka, which will be furthered to comic books, animation and games.

Priyanka said that since she loves cartoons and animations, being able to create her own original superhero with Virgin's amazing group of artists and storytellers was ‘a dream come true’!

The superhero will be an adopted girl who discovers that she is the latest in the line of princesses with great mystical powers and a sworn duty to take down evil wherever it lurks.

The so-far untitled story is expected to have a 2008 launch, which will be further taken into animation games and even a theatrical live-action film! What remains to be seen is if this beauty will succeed in her animated duty.

Source : IndiaFM

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