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Ritesh Deshmukh – best man with baby

Unlike his co-stars in Heyy Babyy, Ritesh Deshmukh is single and obviously doesn’t have any kids. But he was the man with whom little baby Juhaina got along best.

Heyy Babyy , as we already know by now, is a story of three flirtatious men whose lives are altered with the coming of a little baby. Akshay Kumar , Fardeen Khan , Ritesh Deshmukh play the three men and a year-old Juhaina plays the baby.

During the making of the film, director Sajid Khan asked the male stars to spend an hour each with the baby so that she gets used to them.

Surprisingly, it was the bachelor Ritesh Deshmukh who got along best with the baby than Akshay Kumar (who is married and has a son) or Fardeen Khan (who is married and planning a family).

Akshay revealed this during a promotional event of the film.

“To be frank, it was Ritesh who was the best with the baby. Whenever the baby cried, he would take her into his arms and comfort her and the baby would become quiet. With the baby, Ritesh was certainly better than me and Fardeen,” Akshay said.

Ritesh says he loved baby Juhaina so much that he enjoyed every moment he spent with her during the making of the film. And he did not mind being given the task of babysitting.

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