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Rakeysh Mehra comes full circle on 'Dilli 6'

It is like coming back to the place you started from. Filmmaker Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra is apparently close to finalizing the male lead for his movie Dilli 6 .

Even though one and a half years have gone past since his last release Rang De Basanti , Mehra has not yet begun shooting his semi-autobiographical film Dilli 6 , which is set in Chandi Chowk area (with pincode 6) where Mehra grew up.

So much shuffling in the cast has happened that at one point it began to seem doubtful if the movie would ever be made.

Abhishek Bachchan was Mehra’s first choice to play the male lead in ‘Dilli 6’. He was then replaced with Hrithik Roshan , who expressed interest in the project but demanded certain changes in the script. Hrithik, too, was dropped and in his place Siddharth was roped in. But Mehra’s search was still far from over. Siddharth opted out of the project for reasons better known to him. Thereafter, Mehra reportedly considered Ranbir Kapoor but dropped the idea because he wanted a mature looking actor for the role.

Now, if the latest buzz is to be believed, Mehra has once again approached Abhishek Bachchan.

While Abhi has still not officially signed the film, sources say he is interested in the project and there is a strong chance that he would do the film.

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