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Rani Mukherjee lives life 'queen size'

Living up to her name and status in Bollywood, Rani Mukherjee sure lives her life 'queen size'.

This is evident from the amount that Rani spent on the designing of her living room of her year-old bungalow.

Rani is so particular about getting the ambience in her year-old bungalow right that she has roped in Hrithik Roshan 's wife Suzanne for the job.

Sources reveal that Rani has already blown up Rs 3 crores on just the designing of her living room. Apparently, Rani was not satisfied with the interior decor of the drawing room left behind by the bungalow's previous owner.

That's when a close friend referred Suzanne's name to her. Suzanne has a professional interior designing degree from the United States. Her designs impressed Rani so much that she told the designer not to worry about the expenditure.

Rani recently purchased a flat in Juhu in which she wanted a drawing room with a combined Western-Eastern contemporary feel.

Extremely happy with the results in her bungalow, Rani has now handed over the interiors of her "Janki Kutir" flat to Suzanne again.

Now who would even think of spending crores on interior d├ęcor but the queen of Bollywood herself.

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