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'Maxim'mum exposure by Malaika Arora Khan

Malaika Arora appears on the cover of this month’s edition of Maxim magazine.

Malaika is unarguably the hottest mom in Bollywood. She still scorches the ramps at fashion shows, still shakes her booty in item songs (the latest one was in Heyy Babyy ) and she still can make many heads turn with her beauty and sex appeal.

And now she has posed for Maxim. Titled ‘Black Velvet’ the photographs show Malaika in black lingerie, striking provocative poses on a couch.

The concept of the shoot is by Wendell Rodericks while photographs are snapped by Farroukh Chothia.

Talking about her wildest experience, Malaika told the magazine that it was swimming with sharks.

When asked about the stupidest pick-up lines guys have tried on her, Malaika said she cannot remember many. She added she gives out an aura that intimidates guys when it comes to pick-up lines.

When asked about what she sleeps in, Malaika said: “Hot pants, Satin nighties or old pyjamas”.

Malaika also said that she sees it as a compliment to be seen both as a mother and a sex symbol.

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Anonymous said...

i know u r a prostitute....malaika...and u have been raped by ur son's friends.....that is for sure....and not just rape....i know that they have gangraped u many times.....but still i would prefer u as my mom.....


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