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Isha Koppikar knows well to kick and punch

Actress Isha Koppikar has been training in Taekwondo for many years now.

The sexy Koppikar gal doesn’t believe in subjecting her body to rigorous workout regimes in gymnasium. She prefers the grace and toil of martial arts, which, besides building body, also provides spiritual upliftment, says Isha.

Isha has been training in Taekwondo for the last four years. She has acquired a red belt and she knows many moves well.

Has she ever got a chance to use her Taekwondo skills in real life?

Isha says that occasion hasn’t come yet. Perhaps her reputation of being a Taekwondo fighter precedes her and keeps the troubles away.

Apart from Taekwondo, Isha has recently begun training in another form of martial art called Hapkido, which is less violent and involves subduing the opponent with the use of several body locks. Isha says even an armed opponent can be made to give up with a skilled use of Hapkido.

Isha’s personal opinion is that Hapkido can be very useful for women.

Master Sardar Sheikh is instructing Isha in Hapkido.

Well, given Isha’s deftness in martial arts, she is certainly suited for action roles in films. Are Bollywood filmmakers listening?

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